Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Three Addons I Love

Fiddling around with the look. This probably isn't final. I wanted to work blue into it somehow, but I'm not sure I'm entirely happy. (I'm not an artist; I have a hard time making things look good.)

I love a lot of addons. Now, I don't have so many installed that my interface looks like something totally alien, but there are some darn good ones. These three are ones that stick out because their effects are so visible.

tBag - What this basically does is turn all of your bags into one giant bag, and then divides everything up by category. To someone as immensely disorganized as I am, this is a huge boon. All of the vendor trash is in one spot. All of the herbs are in one spot, and all of the motes. My gear is all in one spot. (Tiny nitpick - if there's a way to get it to distinguish between my healing set and "random quest reward I picked because it would sell for the most", I haven't found it.) Since I got this mod, it feels like I have so much bag space, because it's easy to keep track of everything I have.

Rating Buster - Look, I don't have a clear picture of how much 13 spell crit rating is. Rating Buster has a very good idea of how much it is. As a character that needs to balance a lot of stats (Int, Sta, Str, Spell Damage, Healing, Spell Crit, Mp5, Haste and Spell Haste, and probably some other stuff), this mod, which converts the enigmatic 'ratings' into actual numbers, is a huge boon. I like the math of the game enough to have a pretty good idea about some of the numbers, but that doesn't mean that I want to be dividing by 14 or 12 in the middle of an instance trying to decide if the ring I just got is only better for soloing, or also better for healing.

Item Rack - This is a big one. Now, I don't know about you DPS classes that just waltz into instances wearing your solo gear, and maybe have a few different pieces for PvP, but I have two almost entirely distinct sets, one for healing and one for soloing/questing. This mod lets you change between sets all at once at any time, something I've found immensely useful. It also helped my organization quite a bit, since I now have a clear idea of what's in my healing set, what's in my soloing set, and what's in neither. (Before I picked up this mod, I carried six rings around with me. I clearly wasn't using all of them, but I couldn't articulate exactly which ones were for what.) Leveling a druid, I'm once again getting a lot out of this mod. (Even if my 'Kitty' and 'Bear' sets are almost the same at this point. Strength and Stamina.)

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Anonymous said...

You are really lucky only having to deal with two sets of gear. As a Tankadin, I have my solo gear, healing gear, regular instance gear, & my heroic/raid gear. All of which I generally have in my bags at all times. Thankfully, I still haven't started in on any resistance gear yet.