Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Level 70: Where do I go from here?

My paladin has been level 70 for a few days, and we're plowing through Netherstorm, pretty much the same as before I was 70. (Having a flying mount makes a lot of things much easier.) Finished the part of the Kara chain that's outside Kara itself, so I need to go to Shadow Labs next. A friend put the key chain off for a while, and ended up having to re-run some unpleasant instances, so might as well get 'er done early.

I have no intention of ever raiding. I flat-out don't play when class is in session, because I just have too many other things going on, and class starts mid-September. While I could probably get geared and keyed by then without a great deal of trouble (depending on my luck with drops and how much I play), I'm not going to join a guild for just a month and then ditch on them. I'm getting the Kara key because it's something to do and if the bizarre happens and I do end up in Kara one night, I'll have the opportunity. Realistically, the next time I come back will be December at the earliest, and I'm once again not going to join a guild for just a month. If I play next summer, being Kara keyed will likely be about as important as being attuned to the Core is now.

What are my goals, then? Well, I've made a list of gear I want for soloing and gear I want for healing, although it's a kind of haphazard list given the number of side-grades available, especially in the rings department. The bracers section has "some 'of the something' green" written down in both columns, because there are about two pally bracers in outland pre-heroics pre-kara. (I should look into mail bracers - the Primal Surge Bracers look pretty nice, and I'm coming to see armor as "just another stat" that can be swapped away for more important stats, especially when it comes to healing.) Getting the gear on my list is probably my foremost goal, and it comes with my secondary goal, experiencing the early end-game content. I was level 54 when BC hit, so I never ran Dire Maul, Scholo, Strat, BRD, UBRS, LBRS and any other random puggable 55-60 content in the old world properly, and it'd be nice to see the instances before they're replaced by the next expansion. (Though after my epic mount quest, I can safely say that I'm not sorry that I missed Dire Maul. That zone is a pit.)

I'll probably never see anything Kara or post-Kara (I don't consider not seeing heroics to be a huge loss, since they're basically the same instance), and I'm pretty okay with that. Assuming the next expansion follows the BC model (and I don't see any other way of doing it that doesn't make the new content trivial for well-geared players) the gear I'm collecting will probably be obsolete when it hits, but I'm okay with that. I'm collecting gear primarily to have a goal in a game I love to play than for any specific end.


Michael said...

Well, first off, you're not alone.

There's millions of players that hit the level-cap (either the previous one at 60, or the current one), and don't quite know what to do now.

Here's your options:

1.) You can keep on questing and running 5-man stuff. Eventually, you'll run out of gear upgrades for all three sets (Heal/Tank/DPS).

2.) You can roll-up an alt, even switch sides from horde/alliance or vise-versa.

3.) You could quit the game

4.) You can join a guild and try raiding.

If you like the game, and still want to play your lvl 70 paladin, I'd recommend at least taking a look at the end-game guilds on your server.
Raiding isn't as hard as it might sound, and it doesn't have to take-over your life. Many guilds raid for just a couple of hours on the weekends, and many more are perfectly accepting of members that only want to play for a couple hours a week.

Blessing of Kings has a nice guide on starting to raid:


Joining a raiding guild and giving raiding a shot can be quite fun. There are plenty of guilds that still do runs on the old lvl-60 stuff just for kicks. (My guild 10-manned Onyxia last weekend, that was a blast!) Look for one that matches your personality and playstyle. Good healers are usually always welcome in a guild, you'll probably end-up making a bunch of great friends. For that matter, you've probably already got a fiends-list full of folks who could recommend guild for you.

(Oh, and as far as gear goes, Mail/Leather/Cloth can be good choices for a non-tanking set, 1-2 non-plate pieces isn't going to affect your survivability much, just don't overdo it. Theres a bunch of gear that's designed for a DPS Shaman (+Spell Dmg and Spell Crit ) that can be great for a paladin's DPS set.)

Galoheart said...

Can understand how you must feel.

I know for me i've set some goals getting there. Some raid, but it won't be as big on my list. But i know i can find other stuff to do for fun that i plan to do.

I think there are other ways to have fun in WoW if your not raiding. Just don't look at it as the end of it all.

Megan said...

PVP and Arena! Every weekend it's a different BG bonus honor. Every 4-5 months should be a different Arena Season with newly added gear that's iLVL on par with raid sets (except PVP centric, STA and Resilience).

That should give plenty to do while running the usual 5 man stuff.

Joyd said...

I've actually given a lot of thought to PvP. While I'm naturally very disiclined to PvP, it seems like a good place to go; I'm a holy paladin and my leveling partner is an arms warrior, so we're a natural PvP team.

Karl said...

One other thing to consider is the raids that don't require attunement, they just require skill and gear. That's what I'm looking to.

Also, I'd like to hear more about the gear , as it sounds like you are going to a type of shockadin, which is what I just respecced for.

World of Warcraft Gold Guides said...

good post :)

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