Thursday, June 21, 2007

I blame mages. And warlocks. And maybe priests.

For my healing weapon, I use the Preserver's Cudgel. Before too long, it should be replaced by Mogor's Anointing Club.

For my soloing two-hander, I'm hauling around a Hammer of the Sporelings, but have an Oathkeeper waiting for me.

Sometimes I like something that's kind of in the middle. Right now, that's Sedai's Blade. There are two direct upgrades to Sedai's blade in the entire game if you want to keep comparable melee DPS. Etherium Phase Blade, a vendor item of all things, which I could use at my level and which is a large DPS upgrade and which I am considering buying since I learned of its existence ten minutes ago, and Bloodmaw Magus-Blade, which is actually a DPS down-grade (though everything else goes up), which comes from Gruul, which I am a loooooong way off of.

Obviously, the reason that most offensive caster one-handers have the minimum DPS is because most casters don't want to blow their itemization budget on weapon damage. I'm never sure what different Shaman builds care about, and Moonkin probably aren't looking for DPS in their one-handers either, so it's probably just a paladin thing, and I'm not even sure most paladins even want a weapon like this.

Now, one theory is that this is just an overlooked itemization niche; after all, only soloing prot paladins -really- want a weapon like this, and frankly I don't know how much they care about the weapon's actual DPS; ten DPS might not be worth sacrificing bigger consecrates for.

The other theory is that I'm actually just crazy for wanting a weapon like this; I have a difficult time actually describing situations where I'm not healing in an instance where I want to one-hand and shield instead of just bashing away with the spore hammer. The sensible thing to do if I want to solo with a one-hander for some reason is to grab a one-hander that's for a normal melee class and just make up the int and spell damage on my other gear.


nibuca said...

If you're protection spec.. your shield has way better DPS than any weapon you can pick up. (holy shield + shield spikes + Retribution Aura + Blessing of Sanctuary)

If you're Ret the DPS of the weapon might matter.

Joyd said...

I'm holy, but I sill rely on white damage for a significant portion of my DPS. My Seal of Righteousness is my biggest DPS source, followed by white damage and Holy Shock. (Consecrate is a very high source of damage against multiple mobs.) I'm finding that as my gear improves that I'm more and more effective with a two-hander, so Sedai's blade might never get replaced; I may just go down to a two-weapon system.

Sylvina Solaris said...

I melee with a two-hander sometimes, but I got the nifty spellblade from revered with CoT (relatively easy), and so that's what I use now mostly.