Monday, August 6, 2007

Hanging up the Hammer

Well, class is starting up again for me soon. I've seen people successfully mix WoW, class, and having a normal life. I've seen people be very unsuccessful at the mix as well. I've never wanted to risk it; I've got too many other layers of distraction going on, and I don't want to fritter away my senior year of college alone playing WoW. My account runs out this weekend, and I'm not renewing. I had a lot of fun posting my thoughts here in these few months, and I might even be back during the next break from class. I still follow WoW loosely when I'm not playing, but I doubt I'll have much to say from here on out. Here's hoping good things are in store for all of us, healing, tanking, and whatever they decide ret is supposed to be doing.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Surprised this hasn't been linked all over.

Tons of insights (and humor) from a guy in the MMO industry. Courtesy of SomethingAwful of all places.